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Welcome Message from the Dean

A very warm welcome to the Faculty of Business and Finance (FBF), UTAR!

FBF proudly offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes which are specifically designed to produce qualified and trained personnel in various areas of expertise such as accounting, finance, business administration, banking and finance, entrepreneurship, economics, marketing, retail management, logistics and supply chain management, risk management, healthcare management, public administration and tourism destination marketing.
Currently, the programmes offered by FBF include:-

Undergraduate Programmes

Postgraduate Programmes

Faculty of Business and Finance

The Faculty is also actively developing and implementing effective short and long term strategic plans for its seven departments, namely the Department of Business and Public Administration, Department of Commerce & Accountancy, Department of Economics, Department of Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management, Department of Finance, Department of Marketing and Department of Banking and Risk Management.

These plans emphasize on 

(1) Enhancing and maintaining the high standard and quality of the academic programmes;

(2) Leading the development and implementation of research strategies;

(3) Intensifying collaboration efforts with the local and international industry and professional bodies.

As torchbearers of FBF, we are mindful of our responsibility in ensuring and offering a high quality of education that supports the personal and professional development of students. Hence, through the various committees, we have been continuously reviewing our academic programmes to meet the market demands and society needs, and proposed new programmes in areas of high demands. FBF’s commitment in excellence saw the successful obtainment of the approval as well as full accreditation from the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and Ministry of Education (MOE) Malaysia for all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. With our undergraduate programmes meeting the global benchmark for competency, ethics and professional practice standards in accounting, business administration and financial planning services, we are also proud to receive various recognitions, exemptions and/or collaborations by a wide number of prestigious professional bodies. Among them are: Prestigious Professional Bodies

In line with UTAR’s commitment in pursuit of excellence, to date, FBF has successfully imbued a research culture and increased the number of publications through various R&D related activities, initiatives and events. The Faculty successfully organised the inaugural “International Conference on Business, Accounting, Finance, and Economics (BAFE)” in 2013, the second time in 2014, the third time in 2015, the forth time in 2016, the fifth time in 2017, the sixth time in 2018, the seventh time in 2019, the eighth time in 2020, the nineth time in 2021,  the tenth time in 2022 and the eleventh time in 2023. The conference served as an avenue for researchers and participants to network and share their experiences as the conference has witnessed the congregation of an impressive group comprising more than 100 presenters and participants from as far as Australia, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines, and local private and public universities. Regular interactions between Faculty members and external researchers are crucial to establish research collaborations and projects with significant socio-economic impact. 

Therefore, back by popular demand, the 12th BAFE International Conference  will be held on 23 October 2024 via hybrid mode with the theme “Navigating the Landscape of Emerging Digital Technologies: Exploring Business Opportunities and Challenges Across Various Frontiers". 

In exploring and intensifying collaboration efforts with the industry and professional bodies, we are constantly planning and organising more interactive and collaborative activities and events between FBF and the industry partners. An example is the Industrial Advisor Day which is held at least twice in a year by inviting industry experts to the Faculty to share their work experiences through enriching talks and public lectures to staff and students. We have played a pivotal role in enhancing the collaborative relationship between the University and the industry partners such as Public Bank Berhad, Phisontech, Takaful Ikhlas Berhad, Dell, OCBC Bank, ACCA, and CIMA, just to name a few. 
Being UTAR’s biggest faculty, we provide a supportive and challenging environment for students to develop the essential knowledge and skills required to success in the rapidly changing business world. We also have a vibrant student community and enrichment programmes. We encourage our students, both local and foreign, to contribute to the FBF's success by participating and organizing in a wealth of extra-curricular activities, events and/or competitions, be it University, national or international levels. These include the Dell Business Challenge Cup, National Financial Planning Quiz Tournament, UTAR New Village Community Project, UTAR Soft Skills Development Certificate Programme, and International Student Volunteer Portfolio and so on. In addition to such exciting offers, there have been increasing students exchange programmes, cultural learning and exploration tour programmes and education training programmes which allowed FBF students to broaden their horizons and explore countries such as Germany, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and China. These extracurricular activities and student life enrichment programmes are crucial to enhance overall education training and exposure of our students, especially in a globalised world.

As your Dean, I am proud and delighted to welcome all of you to join us to realize your full potential today!

Dr. Au Yong Hui Nee
Dean / Associate Professor
Faculty of Business and Finance