Faculty of Business and Finance


"Our greatest achievement is when our department graduated students excel in life with their accounting profession"

Welcome to the Department of COMMERCE and ACCOUNTANCY



From the day this department was given a new lease of life, we have been continuously working in line with the Faculty andUniversity's objectives to ensure that our accounting course is marketable and at the same time enhancing the student's knowledge that is needed to sustain and excel in the current intense/challenging working environment. In order to achieve these objectives, the department is continuously upgrading its' our course structure/syllabus to be in line with the current accounting practice.

The acknowledgements received for this continuous improvement in syllabus is that our accounting students are able to pursue their education with international accounting bodies with exemptions from ACCA, CIMA, CPA and CTIM upon graduation from UTAR.

All this can't be achieved if we don't have the strength of the good staff. In this department, the staffs are diverse in culture and experience in their respective field, whereby we tend to blend this entire element and turn it into a success. The staff's continuous achievement in research and teaching makes them stronger each day and this strength is then shared with the students. As what one of my student used to say "SHARING IS CARING" We care for our student's future prospect. Thank you and Welcome aboard.

Ms. Sonia Johanthan
Lecturer/ Head of Department
Department of Commerce and Accountancy