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Faculty of Business and Finance (FBF)

Application Forms

Application Forms for 1st and 2nd week of the commencement of trimester

Add / drop / Withdrawal of Courses

(Add / drop for Final Trimester students and special case only while Withdrawal of courses from Week 3 until deadline).

For adding the course during 1st & 2nd week, please circle N for New and R for Repeat and tick drop column for dropping of course.

Programme Transfer

(Please attach a receipt of the processing fees and supporting document such as scanned certificates, statement of results & etc which is required)
Please send email to the counter person in charge of these two documents by referring to the information below.

Credit Transfer

(Please attach supporting document such as scanned certificates, statement of results & etc which is required)
Please send email to the counter person in charge of these two documents by referring to the information below.

Extra Credit Hours

(For Normal Status Final Trimester students and special case only - please email to your academic advisor to sign on the form and attach appeal letter signed by you) (digital signature is accepted).
Please send email to the counter person in charge these two documents by referring to the information below.


Other Application Forms

Certification Letters

To apply for student status verification for individual (Please attach a soft copy of student ID card or other supporting documents if applicable). Then please send email to phunwj@utar.edu.my

For permission to conduct survey letter for group assignment, no need supporting document, please fill up the google link here https://forms.gle/89bzA7fu54B9WUuf8

Change of address and contact number

Please send email  to phunwj@utar.edu.my  

Student Leave Application

(Please fill up section A and C with your details and attach supporting document e.g. medical certificates, supporting documents/letters or etc)

Please send email  to phunwj@utar.edu.my
at least 3 working days before planned leave or
latest within 3 working days
from the date of absence for EL and MC.

Leave of Absence

To apply for whole trimester leave.

Special consideration assessment

For applications during final exams period only, if MC, Part 3 needs to be filled up by the doctor and submit together with the MC within 3 working days from the date of absence.

  Other Forms if not available here , please contact the faculty general office to acquire.

For add/drop/withdrawal course forms, please submit by attaching the completed and signed application form and login with your utar email.
For cases of dropping of course(s) or adding the offered final trimester course(s) which are already full, please get approval on the form from HoD before submitting to the google link below during 1st and 2nd weeks of the commencement of a trimester:


For other application forms, please submit at the counter or email to counter person in charge Ms. Phun Woan Jye ( phunwj@utar.edu.my )



  1. Please refer to the announcement at your announcement utar email on the subject "Academic Study Arrangement for May/June 2024 Trimester."
  2. Please check your WBLE for it.    WBLE  
  3. For those students who are not new intake students, please change your timetable online at the student registration UTAR Portal.
  4. Please click on the Management Staff to view your HoD. Management Staff  
  5. For Special cases for add drop forms and appeal letters, please refer to the latest memo at your utar portal or the announcement. Memo   
  6. Please check the  FBF Announcement.  
  7. Please login here to access your UTAR Portal   
  8. Please check your UTAR Portal for your academic advisor.   
  9. Please use an application e.g. pdf fill and sign or etc without changing any format of the form because if the format of the form is not in alignment, it  will not  be presentable. If you do not have any application to use, please attach the form in the utar email and send it to yourself, then double click to open it and open with DocHub PDF sign and edit, to edit, please click on the A for add text and placed the text box where you wanted to type and start typing, as for signing, please click on Sign, you may create a new signature and place it at the form where signature is needed. The signature can be re-used in the future.after editing and signing there, you can send the email or download the document and attach it to any email that you want to send. If you convert the file to a word doc, please ensure that the format does not run and same as original format whereby the information is in same pages. 

For other questions not listed here, please callor email to us or live chat          with us.     

Normal Operating Time

Our office numbers :  05-468 8888 ext 1030 and 1031

        Operating on : Working days Monday to Friday office hours

Closed during Lunch break