Faculty of Business and Finance


Community Project

19 Oct 2023Let's plant and start with herbs
7 Oct 2023
 Accounting Camp 2023
20 Sep 2023
Field trip to Menara Great Eastern
  25 Sep 2023Let us Celebrate on the Brightness of the Moon ! 
22 Sep 2023Resonating students with music
18 Sep 2023
Field trip to Ipoh Industrial Court 
15 Sep 2023
Bring Back Childhood Memories: An Introduction to Traditional Games
10 Sep 2023Patriotism Let’s Celebrate Malaysia
2 Sep 2023Tree Planting
26 & 27 Aug '23
Mural painting at ACS Kampar
26 Aug 2023
Share Your Strength: Donate Blood, Give Hope
25-27 Aug '23Mural Art: A Wall of Inspiration
23 Aug 2023 Be a Recycling Hero
19 Aug 2023Let’s have “playful” storytelling sessions
16 Aug 2023Karnival Cha-Ching   
29 July 2023
Pineapple Fun-Day: Uncover the Tropical Mystery   
20 May 2023“A little kindness goes a long way”.Caring for special individuals with learning disabilities
 27 Apr 2023
 Walking through the Law Series
22 Apr 2023Inspire learning through stories and games
15 Apr 2023
 Learning with fun in the farm
1 Apr 2023
“Let’s recycle before recycling was cool”
20 Mar 2023Caring for a Better Tomorrow
18 Mar 2023
UTAR Hospital fundraising (Touch of Clay with Children)
24 Feb 2023
Field trip to AmBank Group   
30 Jan 2023 Community project by FBF benefits young children
10 Jan 2023
  Gotong-royong fosters spirit of unity in society
7 Jan 2023
Great Heart Charity Food and Education Outreach for Orang Asli
31 Oct 2022 Fun Escape with ACCA 
4 Oct 2022
 Walking through the law series raises funds for UTAR Hospital
20 Sep 2022
FBF organise a coastal cleanup programme
0 Sep 2022
FBF students among those who involved in raising funds for UTAR Hospital
31 Mar 2022
Fundraising Project for Beautiful Gate
 22 Jan 2022
UTAR Hospital Fundraising - Selling Traditional Handicraft (Labu Sayong)