Faculty of Business and Finance


Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Healthcare Management


Healthcare Management is a field related to leadership, management and administration of healthcare systems, hospitals and hospital networks. The healthcare management professions are equipped with specialised education in management disciplines required in the healthcare industry. They are in charge of ensuring the healthcare facilities are effective run including finance, budgeting, human resources, health facilities management, organisational behaviour, quality of healthcare services, health information management and technology. 

The 3-year healthcare management degree at UTAR aims to produce graduates who are able to manage healthcare facilities professionally and respond to the current healthcare issues in various contexts. Students will acquire a comprehensive range of analytical, problem-solving and creativity thinking skills, professional skills, creativity and innovation within the healthcare sector. Students will be introduced to various medical and health terminology for effective communication with other healthcare professionals and patients.

Career Prospects

  • Emergency Medical Services Administrator
  • Group Practice Executive 
  • Healthcare Department Manager 
  • Healthcare Finance Manager 
  • Health Informatics Professional 
  • Home Healthcare Administrator 
  • Hospital Executive
  • Managed Care Organisation Administrator
  • Nursing Administrator
  • Quality and Improvement Manager
  • Pharmaceutical Administrator
  • Public Health Planner
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Accounts Manager