Faculty of Business and Finance


Faculty of Business and Finance

Faculty Background

This Faculty was officially established in June 2008 for the Kampar campus. The programmes offered at this relatively new faculty were inherited from the Faculty of Accountancy and Management.
With a humble beginning, the Faculty established 3 departments with initial staff force of 22 full time academic staff. The Faculty received 512 undergraduate students registered in 6 undergraduate programmes back to year 2008.

As of today, the Faculty has around 170 full time academic staff in 7 respective departments. The total students registered in 13 undergraduate programmes are more than 3,000 students.

The Faculty provides education for undergraduate studies with the vision of developing competent and highly motivated individuals who possesses critical thinking skills and good work ethics.

The mission of FBF is to be a centre of academic excellence dedicated to meeting the educational needs of the various communities in Malaysia. The Faculty is focused to build and sustain the leading learning community in business, economics, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, retail management, accounting, banking, risk management, logistic and supply chain management, healthcare management, public administration and tourism destination marketing in Malaysia and beyond. The Faculty is committed to providing a University education that is at the cutting edge of knowledge, that is intellectually rigorous, and that has contemporary and professional relevance.

The Faculty aims to create a conducive environment of scholarship and high academic achievements in teaching and research. We are to ensure quality and impact of our research and teaching for the business community and promote strong linkages with alumni and industry.    

This is block H where the faculty office is located.

This is block H where the tutorial rooms are located.