Faculty of Business and Finance


Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Risk Management


Risk is an uncertainty or potential threat to an organisation. It can be the potential factor materially affect the value and survival of a business. Hence, business must understand, evaluate and manage  the risks to achieve their primary objectives while keeping all the risks under reasonable control. In time of economic uncertainty, more corporations have added risk management function as one essential component to communicate risk policies and manage risk processes within the organisation. 

Risk Management job is one of well-respected professions yet a challenging career. If ones willing to take the challenge, it is indeed a rewarding career and the knowledge, skills and experience gained are transferable from one industry to another. In view of the strong focus on risk management and heighten control by central bank and local authority, there is need to install and impart risk awareness mind set among students. 

The UTAR's Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Risk Management aims at providing students with comprehensive understanding of risk management for financial and non- financial corporations. Core curriculum of this programme involve analytical knowledge, operation management, legal framework and strategic planning. More importantly, the programme balance between the need of providing students with solid theoretical knowledge but include case studies that parallel to current ever shifting business environment.  

Career Prospects

  • Risk Analyst
  • Risk Control Consultant
  • Risk Management Executive/Manager/Specialist
  • Business Risk Manager
  • Compliance Analyst
  • Credit Risk Management Executive
  • Equity Analyst