Faculty of Business and Finance


Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Risk Management


A risk is an uncertainty or a potential threat to an organisation. It has the potential to materially affect the value and survival of a business. As a result, businesses must understand, evaluate, and manage risks in order to achieve their primary objectives while keeping all risks under reasonable control.

The risk management programme at UTAR aims to provide students with a broad understanding of risk management for financial and non-financial corporations. The programme’s core curriculum includes Enterprise Risk Management, Credit and Market Risk Management, Operational Risk Management in Financial Institutions, Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing, and Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.

In addition to risk management knowledge, UTAR has partnered with the Alibaba Group to provide students with the Alibaba Global Digital Talent (GDT) Programme, which allows them to access insights, skills, and opportunities within the digital era.

Furthermore, the content of the curriculum is relevant to the industry needs, particularly on the analytical and business programming knowledge for students by incorporating the courses such as Introduction to Business Programming, Introduction to Financial Prediction with Machine Learning in Python and Business Analytics.

More importantly, the programme strikes a balance between the need to provide students with solid theoretical knowledge while also including some case studies that parallel to the current ever-changing business environment, as well as an emphasis on hands-on practical and risk analytical techniques.

Professional Recognition/Accreditation:

Career Prospects

  • Risk Analyst
  • Risk Control Consultant
  • Risk Management Executive/Manager/Specialist
  • Business Risk Manager
  • Compliance Analyst
  • Credit Risk Management Executive
  • Equity Analyst