Faculty of Business and Finance


Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Retail Management


As Malaysia continues to grow, the retail industry is set for growth. The management of a shopping mall, from its identity to tenant mix and subsequently to the management of overall shopping mall and tenant relationships, requires special skills and knowledge. Brands to survive and remain competitive in the retail industry, in addition to their marketing and promotional strategies, require special attention to their display and merchandising decisions. 

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Retail Management programme in UTAR emphasises on inculcating strong foundation and innovative application. This programme shapes its students to be analytical and creative in the overall management of retailing. Students will be trained in fundamental areas and eventually progressed to specialised areas concerning retailing. These areas include merchandising , logistics and supply chain management, and customer relationship management etc. Additionally, the Alibaba.com Global Digital Talent (GDT) programme has empowered educators to teach students the practical hands-on in the ecosystem of cross-border e-commerce that meets the demands of the industry. Students will also have the opportunity to explore latest industry revolution including online retailing or E-retailing, digital economy, Internet of Things (IoTs), digital entrepreneurship etc.
Professional Recognition/Accreditation:

The UTAR  Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Retail Management is recognised by the following organisations. 

Career Prospects

  • Merchandising Manager 
  • Marketing Manager
  • Senior Buyer
  • Store Manager
  • Shopping Mall Manager